New Life Productions Launches Fund-raising Support Package for listener-supported radio

June 6, 2005, Monument, Colo. –  New Life Productions, an audio production company specializing in services to Christian ministries and non-profit organizations, launched a new monthly CD product specifically designed for listener-supported Christian radio stations. As stations typically rely on annual pledge drives or quarterly appeal letters to generate income, NLP is now offering customized monthly fund-raising spots appropriate for airing throughout the year.

New Life Productions has partnered with individual voice and script agencies to provide an effective production package for a fraction of the cost that an individual station might expect to pay. These listener-support spots are designed to solicit new donations throughout the year, to remind prospective donors to fulfill their pledge commitments, and to thank recent donors for their gifts. Additionally, this support package is complemented with a variety of imaging features. Among these are Bible teaching, Contemporary Christian artist interviews, on-the-street interviews, and Christian oriented comedy clips. NLP also plans to add additional features in the coming months.

KTLF, a listener-supported station in Colorado, is a current subscriber to this fund-raising package and has realized considerable benefits as a result. General Manager Karen Veazey notes, "New Life Productions really cares about helping Christian broadcasters. They provide the on-air elements that most of us would love to make ourselves, but never manage to squeeze into our busy days. Their spots are professional, subtle reminders that non-comm radio stations need our listeners to be financially involved in the ministry."

The NLP programming staff is creatively designing new and effective fund-raising spots which go well beyond the Sharathon or station pledge drive. John Hayes, Director of Programming and Production, adds, "We don't just want to produce a creative or entertaining spot. We really want stations to hear their phones ring in support of the station. That's why we tag our support spots with the station's contact information.”

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Headquartered in Goodyear, Arizona, New Life Productions is an audio production company specializing in radio, church, and ministry-oriented production. With an emphasis on detail and creative design, our goal is to continually meet and exceed our client’s expectations by providing exceptional quality productions at very reasonable costs. New Life Productions has assembled a professional and diverse team of writers, voiceovers, and production staff committed to serving the needs of our clients and their listeners. Our list of satisfied clients is diverse. It includes churches and ministry organizations such as Focus on the Family, The Navigators, African Ministries Network, FaithQuest Perspectives, Motherwise, and many more.  We also service many commercial and non-commercial Christian radio stations across the United States. For more information, email New Life Productions at, or call 719-243-4122

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