Communicating Your Message  

New Life Productions offers monthly customized audio production services for over 300 radio outlets throughout the United States and Canada. Whether it’s a church sermon, ministry teaching, or Christian radio feature, New Life Productions can create effective audio products that deliver the best possible message to your audience.

Our commitment is to develop impacting content with the professional quality and care that your audience deserves. Through the efforts of our highly knowledgeable and experienced technical staff which focuses extensively on customized service and client satisfaction, New Life Productions has emerged as a leader in the audio production industry.

  Radio Imaging and Support  

New Life Productions offers a customized monthly CD package to commericial and non-commercial Christian-based radio stations.  Each month, stations receive 20 or more spots and liners – all of which contain station branding elements. 

Please take a moment to listen to our radio demo to the right and learn more about our custom designed radio package for your listener-supported station.                
  Church, Ministry, and Organization  

We specialize in producing broadcast-quality audio presentations for churches and ministries worldwide.  Our product is custom-made and suited to the exact needs of our customers and their audience.

New Life Productions was founded with the vision of producing high quality audio productions at a very affordable cost to our ministry and radio broadcast partners.
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New Life Productions offers a custom-produced Sharathon CD package to our Christian broadcast partners. Sign-up to receive 15 sharathon spots and liners for just $75 ($200 for non-subscribers).

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New Life Productions will write and produce a radio spot or PSA for your church or organization.   Please contact us for questions or a custom quote.

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